Services at Herbal Embers

Services Offered at Herbal Embers

Along with our products, we offer a wide array of services, check them out below.

Aromatic Infusion Commission

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For all your energy work needs. Created by our resident herbalist and energy worker. We offer any aromatic infusion to match your request. $10 to commission an infusion and we will quote you a total based on the materials needed for your infusion and the the shipping cost. We will work to our best abilities to provide the very best aromatic infusion that will aid you in your energy work. Please keep in mind any allergies you might have and the laws of your locality as some herbal materials may be restricted. Herbal Embers reserves the right to refuse the use of herbal materials including oils within our infusions that we deem inappropriate.

Please E-mail us before placing your order!
Please E-mail us with your full request at: Provide your full name and a detailed request of what infusion you would like. The more details the stronger the infusion will be.
E-mail at:

Spiritual Consultation

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The spiritual life, in my opinion, should be one of constant evolution of your spiritual self. I draw from a lifetime of exploration of different spiritual pursuits to bring help to those who ask for guidance. Positive change is possible when one removes the negative bindings that keep us from fully seeing our spiritual selves. I offer my services to explain and lend helpful guidance to those who wish to know how to remove those negative bindings in one's life. I am merely a conduit between the spiritual world and the physical. I work with spirit guides to help wherever I can. I've practiced a myriad of different paths. I have a degree in social therapy and I am a practicing spirit guide and spiritual consultant.

E-mail with name, contact information and questions or comments you might have.

My rates are:
$10.00 basic consultation half hour(30minutes) of consultation.
Further service charges based on materials and time required.
E-mail at:

Tarot Card Readings

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Looking for guidance on the path you are traveling in life? Looking for a glimpse of what possibilities your future holds? Look no further for here at Herbal Embers we offer Tarot Card readings. We take appointments.

$10.00 for up to 30minutes of reading.
$20.00 per hour of tarot card readings.

Contact us with your name, a clearly typed request, and the amount of time. We will respond promptly.