Birch Bark

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Birch Bark information:

Birch Bark (Betula pubescens)
Latin Name: Betula pubescens
Common Names: Birch Bark

Herbal Embers Use: Base in incense as it absorbs oils and is a good smoldering compound in that it burns slower than leafy products and emits a light white smoke with slight hints of wood.

Reported use: Like other natural herbs, the bark of the betula pubenscens or birch tree has many uses. It is high in a compound called betulin, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

It is important to understand that simply because something is an organic herb does not mean it can simply be used unadvisedly. Birch bark has no known harmful effects, but it is estimated that as many as 20% of those suffering from hay fever may be allergic to the betula pubescens’ pollen grains. Such individuals should avoid birch bark.

Dried herbs, root extracts, essential oils and even bark of the betula pubescens can be effective for many things, but it is important to educate one’s self before beginning any herbal regimen.