White Sandalwood

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White Sandalwood information:

Latin name: Santalum Album

Other Names: Sandal Wood, Sanders Wood, White Sandalwood, Yellow Sandalwood

Purposes: Used in meditation, to encourage calm, to create a sense of spiritual healing, connecting oneself with the divine.

The aroma is very exotic as a sweet perfume from a tree native to India. This powder is one of the top sought after aromatic herbs for perfume, incense, and wood carving. It is believed to have healing vibrations when burned and be very spiritually strong. Is also the top herb used to maintain a sense of peace and calm during meditation. Here at Herbal Embers we strive to keep quality herbs, spices, resins, and other plant products. Sometimes those plants require more resources to obtain due to their rarity.

Due to the popular reputation of White Sandalwood, access to large quantities is limited by high cost due to the supply being limited and demand very high for the tree's wood and oils.