Mullein Leaf

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Mullein Leaf information:

Mullein Leaf(Verbascum Thapsus)
Latin Name: Verbascum Thapsus
Common Names: Mullein Leaf

Herbal Embers use: This herb leaf is used in aromatic blends intended to be light, subtle, with a touch of earthy tones to the scent.
It is purported to encourage lung health and healing of the respiratory system. **the health statements as of yet have not been proven.

Mullein Leaf or scientifically referred to as Verbascum Thapsus is a wildflower native to much of Europe and Asia which can grow almost anywhere. Because of its thick, soft leaves, it is also called Grandmother's Flannel and Our Lady's Flannel. The word Mullein is said to be derived from the Middle English word for "soft" which is moleyne.