Lemon Balm

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Lemon Balm information:

Lemon Balm Leaf (Melissa officinalis)
Latin Name: Melissa officinalis
Common Names: Lemon Balm Leaf

Melissa officinalis, is commonly called Lemon Balm Leaf, Sweet Balm, Balm mint, bee balm and blue balm, is also part of Herbal Ember's garden fresh herbs.

Herbal Embers Uses this as a healing herb to add the more subtle mint scent to the incense blends that include this herb in their recipe.


Lemon Balm Leaf has many beneficial qualities and properties, including: anodyne, antibacterial, antihistamine, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, calmative, carminative, digestive, emmenagogue, lactogogue, nervine, sedative, stomachic, sudorific. Depending on how you would like to use these herbs, you can purchase them in several different forms, including cut and sifted (C/S) Lemon Balm Leaf, C/S organic Lemon Balm Leaf and Lemon Balm Leaf powder.