White Willow Bark

$8.00/ounce Herbs
White Willow Bark information:

White Willow bark powder. Sold by the ounce. Meant for use in smolder incense blends. Any other use is the responsibility of the buyer to research the herb and what interactions might occur. Not meant to replace medical care.

Common English name: White Willow

Botanical name: Salix alba

Medicinal Properties: Tonic, antiperiodic and astringent. It has been used in dyspepsia connected with debility of the digestive organs. In convalescence from acute diseases, in worms, in chronic diarrhoea and dysentery, its tonic and astringent combination renders it very useful.

Since it contains Salicin may be helpful as alternative to aspirin.** possible helpful aid not meant to replace medical advice or prescriptions.

Herbal Embers use: Herbal Embers uses this bark powder as a base in full moon incense given its association with the moon and water elemental energy.