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Frankincense information:

Frankincense (Boswellia serrata)
Latin Name: Boswellia serrata
Common Names: Frankincense

Herbal Embers uses Frankincense strictly in incense blends as an aromatic blend or on its own. A wonderful aroma and uplifting to the spirit. That being said there is considerable history behind this herb in how it is used to how it came to be included on the list of wonderful herbs available.

Historical aspect of herb:

Probably best known because of the Nativity story, frankincense - derived from the resin of a tree called boswellia serrata and other species of the same - has an interesting history. In Hebrew, its name is levonah, meaning "white;" in Arabic, a closely-related language, it is 'al-luban, a term referring to milk; the name of the modern country of Lebanon is derived from both. However, it came to be known as "frankincense" when crusaders - many of whom were French or "Frankish" - introduced it to Europe during the Middle Ages.

Dried frankincense is used in numerous ways, including the manufacture of perfume and aromatherapy; ancient Egyptians used burnt powdered frankincense as eyeliner. The burning of the dried c/s boswellia serrata resin has also played a part in the religious rites of all three Abrahamic traditions.

Frankincense is thought to be non-toxic, but when using natural herbs for therapeutic purposes - even organic herbs - prudence and caution is called for. You should always seek out the counsel of a licensed herbalist or other healthcare professional if you are planning to use dried herbs for medicinal purposes.