Peppermint leaves

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Peppermint leaves information:

Common English Name: Peppermint

Botanical name: Mentha piperita

Medicinal history: Peppermint oil is the most extensively used of all the volatile oils, both medicinally and commercially. The characteristic anti-spasmodic action of the volatile oil is more marked in this than in any other oil, and greatly adds to its power of relieving pains arising in the alimentary canal.
From its stimulating, stomachic and carminative properties, it is valuable in certain forms of dyspepsia, being mostly used for flatulence and colic. It may also be employed for other sudden pains and for cramp in the abdomen; wide use is made of Peppermint in cholera and diarrhea. ** From A Modern Herbal, By Mrs. M. Grieve.**