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Hours: M-Saturday, 11am-7pm

Established through garden grown incense herbs and hand crafted jewelry. Over the past few years, Herbal Embers has grown from a simple at home business into a local spiritual resource for the city of DeKalb. We offer our fresh ingredients as wonderful incense that can be burned, used in potpourri, or as is to the bring joy garden fresh herbs to where they are needed. We hope to offer individuals insight into the world of Eclecticism, which to us means a variety of spiritual paths joining on the purpose of the pursuit of wisdom.

We offer the tools to help aid one in spiritual health, ritual, prayer, spells, books, jewelry, crystals/stones, local artwork, general spiritualism, classes, and holistic consultation with Daniel Watkins, the sole proprietor and herbalist of Herbal Embers. I am constantly learning what energies the world holds for better or worse and I seek to bring others willing to learn and teach together in the spirit of positive understanding through knowledge and mastering through wisdom.

Herbal Embers offers a variety of spiritual healing herbs, crystals, jewelry, and locally crafted artwork.

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11am-7pm

Sorry we are CLOSED on Sundays






Herbal Embers
161 E. Lincoln Highway
DeKalb, IL 60115